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Commercial Reprints

The Walchli Tauber Group reprint/ePrint workflow and FDA compliance solutions help customers effectively use peer-reviewed intellectual property in research, regulatory submissions, education, and product promotions in a global marketplace. WTG offers black & white article text reprints with black & white or color self-covers.  Self-covers are required by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • WTG also offers color reprints: color article text with color journal covers
  • Regular and rush print schedules are available
  • Customization of reprints is available. Literature codes/disclaimers/logos/product inserts, etc. may also be added
  • Translation services
  • Global distribution

ePrints – Electronic Access to Articles

ePrints offer an efficient way to post peer-reviewed articles to intranet and/or Internet sites. They may also be mailed to specific targeted audiences, and may be utilized in customer presentations with an option for printing to distribute hard copies to meeting attendees. Features of our ePrint article links:

  • Web-browser based
  • Show all links in article
  • Search by key words
  • The print feature can be turned on or off
  • Time duration
  • Page flipper
  • Metered accesses
  • Sharing via email or social network sites
  • All platforms supported: Mac, PC, tablets, and smart phones
  • Content search services

For additional information, please contact Terry Dennsteadt at (443) 512-8899, ext. 112 or by email at