To obtain additional information on any one of our employee’s, simply click on their name in the left column in the table below. To send an Email to one of our employees, click on their Email link. We can each be reached at 443-512-8899. Our extensions are listed below:


Gary Walchli President Email – Gary 102
Stephen Tauber Vice President Email – Stephen 103


David Baker National Sales Manager Email – David 105
Kim Boyd National Sales Manager Email – Kim 104
Sandy Bredlow Classified Sales Manager Email – Sandy 108
Terry Dennsteadt Reprint Sales Manager Email – Terry 112
Joe Frank Director of Sales Email – Joe 114
Amber Howard National Sales Manager Email – Amber 115
Kim Kleinberg National Sales Manager Email – Kim 117
Greg Pessagno National Sales Manager Email – Greg 109
Rhonda Truitt Classified Sales Manager Email – Rhonda 106


Karen Burkhardt Production Manager Email – Karen 111
Joseph Farran Online Production Manager Email – Joseph 124
Roland Keve Production Manager Email – Roland 101
Mary Lorenzen Production Manager Email – Mary 113
Maura Paoletti Online Production Manager Email – Maura 110